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Mercury Insurance Launches Video Series to Promote Wildfire Preparedness in California

Mercury's new video series empowers Californians to prepare and protect
Mercury understands first-hand the devastating impact that wildfires can have on families and communities. That's why we've produced this video series, to educate Californians about the importance of wildfire preparedness.

LOS ANGELES, July 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Mercury Insurance (NYSE: MCY) today announced the debut of a new video series designed to raise awareness about the importance of wildfire preparation. The series, titled "Wildfire Preparedness with Mercury's Kelly Butler," will provide homeowners with advice on how to protect their properties against wildfires, with a specific focus on actions to take around the home throughout the year to reduce the risk of fire.

"Mercury understands first-hand the devastating impact that wildfires can have on families and communities," said Kelly Butler, Vice President and Chief Underwriting Officer at Mercury Insurance. "That's why we've produced this video series, to educate Californians about the importance of wildfire preparedness. These videos provide safety tips, information, and recommendations for homeowners who live in areas prone to wildfires."

As California's climate continues to change, the state is experiencing longer periods of hot weather and more intense wildfires. Although this past winter brought heavy rains to the state that significantly improved the drought, more vegetation has grown as a result, and hotter temperatures will lead to drier vegetation and deeper droughts. These factors could mean larger wildfires and longer wildfire seasons.

The video series, which will be posted across Mercury's social media channels, offers practical advice on the importance of wildfire preparedness, how wildfires spread, and how to create defensible space around the home. It will be released starting July 13th.

Video 1: Why It's Important (July 13) 

  • Why wildfire preparedness is important
  • Why Californians need to take heed
  • How wildfires start and spread

Video 2: How to Get Started (July 24) 

  • Know the lay of your landscape
  • Harden your home with fire retardant materials
  • Does homeowners insurance cover me from wildfires?
  • Does wildfire mitigation qualify me for a discount?

Video 3: Top Tips (August 18)

  • Community collaboration
  • How to prepare for an emergency
  • What is the best plant for fire protection?

Video 4: Maintenance Is Key (August 30)

  • Home exterior maintenance 
  • How to get debris out of roof gutters 
  • Landscape maintenance

Video 5: Get in the Zone (September 10)

  • Creating defensible space in the 0–5 foot zone of the home
  • Defensible space must do for the 5–30 foot zone

"We encourage all Californians to watch the wildfire preparedness video series and take steps to prepare for wildfires," said Butler. "Creating a defensible space, having an emergency plan in place, and making sure that you have adequate insurance coverage will help protect your family and your home."

Mercury's wildfire prevention content has been recognized for its expertise and practical advice, covering topics such as wildfire facts, how to fireproof your home, and how to prepare for wildfire evacuation. Homeowners can feel confident that they are taking the necessary steps to protect themselves and their families by speaking to a Mercury agent.

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