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COVID-19 Relief: Mercury Insurance Extends Identity Fraud Resolution Services Coverage to Include Relatives Outside of the Insured Residence

• The ‘Identity Fraud Expense and Resolution Services’ insurance enhancement helps homeowners and renters proactively protect against fraud, and provides recovery and repair services if its detected • The extension of Resolution Services coverage to relatives outside of the household is valid until August 31, 2020
This coverage helps with the recovery process if identity fraud is detected, giving our customers and their families one less thing to worry about during these uncertain times.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (July 8, 2020) – Today, Mercury Insurance (NYSE: MCY) announced that, until August 31, 2020, it has temporarily extended Resolution Services coverage for its “Identity Fraud Expense and Resolution Services” customers to include their relatives who don’t live in the insured residence. This coverage, which is available to Mercury homeowners and renters policyholders, helps customers recover from account takeover or identity theft.

The IRS extended this year’s tax filing to July 15, 2020, to reduce the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak’s impact on taxpayers. While this extension offers some much-needed relief to those who may be struggling financially, it also lengthens the window in which criminals are able to target unsuspecting individuals with a variety of scams in an attempt to steal their identity, as well as refunds that may be coming their way.

“Criminals have many ways they can try to steal someone’s identity – most people have multiple online accounts, as well as electronic devices like smartphones, PCs and tablets, which makes them more vulnerable to scams than ever before,” said Jane Li, Mercury Insurance director of product development. “This coverage helps with the recovery process if identity fraud is detected, giving our customers and their families one less thing to worry about during these uncertain times.”  

Each year, the IRS publishes its “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams of which taxpayers need to be aware. The 2019 list includes the following schemes taxpayers may fall victim to: phishing, phone scams, identity theft, return preparer fraud, inflated refund claims, falsifying income to credit claims and fake charities.

Mercury’s Identity Fraud Expense and Resolution Services coverage provides support for a variety of events, including but not limited to:

  • Tax Identity Theft Support: Experts provide guidance to secure the insured’s tax refund if their social security number was stolen and someone falsely files taxes in their name.
  • Email Identity Support: Protects against email hacking, as well as helps the insured manage their identity and privacy in online communications.
  • Phish Assist: Detects attempts to steal the insured’s personal data, online usernames, passwords and credit card data, and provides recovery support if needed.
  • Document Replacement Services: Helps the insured replace lost, stolen or destroyed identification documents, and notify government agencies and providers of the fraud.
  • Resolution Services: Offers unlimited assistance from a fraud resolution specialist to fix issues, handle notifications, and provide credit and fraud monitoring to help the insured recover from account takeover or identity theft. This coverage is temporarily available until August 31, 2020, for the insured’s family members who live outside of the household.

Mercury’s Identity Fraud Expense and Resolution Services is optional coverage, which is available for less than $3 a month and provides up to $25,000 for expenses that might be incurred if the insured’s identity is stolen, including lost income, notary and attorney fees, mailing costs and loan application fees. Homeowners and renters in Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Texas and Virginia can add this coverage to their policy. Go to or contact a local Mercury Insurance agent to learn more.

Additional ways Mercury has shown support during the COVID-19 pandemic include the Mercury Customer Giveback Program and its new partnership with the California Medical Association’s Care 4 Caregivers Now wellness program for healthcare workers.

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