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Eight Earthquake Survival Tips Everyone Should Know

Mercury Insurance offers tips to prepare you during the inevitable mega-quake

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (October 28, 2014) – Now that the seventh annual Great California Shakeout earthquake practice drills are complete, it’s time to clear-up some remaining misconceptions about what to do when you feel the earth move under your feet.

Here are some do’s and don’ts from Mercury Insurance, one of California’s leading providers of homeowners insurance.


  • Crawl under a sturdy desk, table or other low furniture. Cover your neck and head, and hang on to whatever you’re beneath until the shaking stops. You don’t want your shelter wobbling away from you.
  •  Move away from buildings, streetlights and utility wires if you’re outside. Drop and cover once you’re in the open.  If possible, get inside a building to avoid falling debris.
  • Remain in bed if an earthquake happens while you’re sleeping.  Use a pillow to cover your neck and head. Attempting to move in the dark can result in more injuries than remaining in bed.
  • Stop as soon as safely possible if you’re driving.  Avoid stopping under buildings, trees, overpasses, or utility wires and on top of bridges.


  • Stand in a doorway; they are no sturdier than any other part of the house.  Doorways do not protect against falling or flying objects, which are the primary causes of earthquake-related injuries and death.
  • Stand by windows, armoires, TV cabinets or other top-heavy furniture that can topple over or shatter on you.
  • Use elevators.
  • Exit a building during an earthquake.  Stay inside and seek cover.  Most injuries occur when people move during an earthquake.

Remember, as new LA Region Quake Czar Lucy Jones said, “a big earthquake is inevitable.” So, you better be prepared.


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